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Antibody Testing

The detection of neutralizing antibodies in serum samples is not suitable for diagnosis or exclusion of a rabies virus infection. Nevertheless, by detection of neutralizing antibodies in the serum of vaccinated animals or humans the protective immunity against rabies can be determined. A titre of 0.5 IU/ml serum or higher is considered as indicator for protection against the disease. 
Titres between the lower test limit (0,03 IU/ml) and the internationally accepeted protective titre of 0,5 IU/ml are indicated "positive". Here is to say that all titers above 0,03 IU/ml have to be indicated "positive" in terms of a general detectability of antibodies. So, all detectable titers are indicated "positive" but only titers equal or above 0,5 IU/ml are being considered protective against rabies (and therefore allow a pet to enter European Union). 
To avoid confusions interpreting our results, we added the following explanation to our reports:

„Antibodies against rabies virus were detectable (positive). The titre lies below 0,5 IU/ml and therefore no conclusion can be drawn with regard to the protection of the animal tested. An antibody titre of 0,5 IU/ml or above after vaccination indicates protection against rabies according to the guidelines of the WHO/OIE.“