Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers
What is the price for the rabies antibody test?
The price for one sample is EUR 41.60 (excl. German VAT) or EUR 49.50 (incl. German VAT).
Which test material is required for testing for antibodies against rabies virus (FAVN test)?
For FAVN test we need a minimum of 0.5ml of serum. Serum can be prepared from a clotted blood sample (without anti-coagulant) by centrifugation. If serum is prepared under sterile conditions it will be stable at room temperature for several days. Cooling/freezing is generally not required during transport.  
How long does the rabies antibody (FAVN) test take?
The test is carried out every Monday and Wednesday and takes 48 hours. Samples to be tested immediately should arrive at the laboratory by 12 p.m. on test days.
How do I recieve test reports or certificates?
Certificates for the determination of rabies antibodies (entry of dogs, cats and ferrets into EU) are sent as originals by general post without tracking no. Sending by courier can be organized by clients. In addition, we can send certificates in advance by e-mail or fax . 

Other test reports are sent by email or fax directly to the respective veterinarian, only in exceptional cases by post.
What is required for a vaccine against Papillomatosis ?
We need at least 1g wart material  in a buffered solution (e.g. phosphate buffer or physiological saline solution) with antibiotics, without formalin. The material will be prepared, fixed and adjuvanted (aluminum hydroxide). We are sending 2 vaccination doses to be given about 4 weeks apart.
Which sampel material is required for specific tests?
 Information on tests (duration, test days and sample material) can be found here. Information on how to take and prepare samples is found here